Album Cover
Rise Of The Androids
Released: Oct 10, 2014
Track Listing
1 Rise Of The Androids (Feat. Boondox & Bukshot)
2 Got That Bad Luck
3 Seven Bodies (Feat. Komatose)
4 Subliminal Takeover (Skit)
5 A Killer Stays Numb (Feat. BAMN)
6 A Colder Coma (Feat. Crac Kajak)
7 Creepin' Out Our Coffins (Feat. KidCrusher)
8 In League (Bile Cover)
9 Wicked Sounds (Demo Bonus Track)
10 Pray To Die Slow (Demo Bonus Track)
11 Survive The Arrival (Demo Bonus Track)
12 Slingin' In The New Year (Bonus Goof Track)