PsychoSlingers on the move

I received a demo submition the other day, nothing flashy so I had no idea what to expect when I put the cd in. I noticed right off as I listened to "Wicked Sounds" that these guys had that underground sound, it was noticable but done well production wise with good layerings and a decent mix. The further along I listened I also noticed they have some really nice old school catchy hooks, and most of them get HEAVY! They use a unique blend of horrorcore rap verses mixed with very in your face metal hooks and adlibs, really gives a nice heavy feel to a scene that has seemed to get more and more "poppy" as of late. Considering these were only demo tracks I'd really like to see where they take their album, I believe these guys are a breathe of heaviness to the horrorcore scene that we don't see much of anymore. If you're a fan of acts such as Kid Crusher, Old ICP, Mushroomhead, Dark Lotus you will probably like the filth these guys serve up musically. 

I give this demo 7 out of 10

James P
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